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Who We Are

Gygy Beauty is a premium quality natural and botanical skincare brand for all skin types. Our products are formulated carefully to be used by the whole family. Gygy Beauty began with the intention of providing the best quality skincare coming out of Africa to the world. We utilize the abundant natural blessings and raw materials available in Africa and specifically Ghana.

One of the main reasons Africa suffers economically is trade deficit or negative Balance of Trade. This is sad because while most minerals and raw ingredients come from Africa, ‘value added’ versions of these same products are exported back to Africa. At Gygy Beauty we believe in marrying the traditional and herbal knowledge and remedies with science thereby adding value to our traditional products for the benefit of the entire world.

Our Values

We utilize some of nature’s most precious gifts like shea butter which is an amazing skin food whether in its pure state or as an ingredient in cosmetics or food. Our ingredients are sourced from rural women in the northern and other parts of Ghana where this is their main source of livelihood and means to escape poverty and take care of their children thereby securing the next generation. Empowering women is an essential part of our business module since women in Africa play an important role in the economic development of the family unit, specifically children.

Our products are natural and/or organic, handmade, ethically sourced, produced and tested. Our products which are produced in small batches to ensure freshness by the time it gets to the final consumer, are highly effective and potent with natural active ingredients.

Our ambition is to be the guiding star of natural skincare and cosmetic brands within and outside Africa.

CEO's Message

As a child growing up in Ghana, natural products like shea butter were always so abundant that we took them for granted. As I was growing up, I began opting for other ‘more sophisticated’ products which were highly watered down and filled with unhealthy chemical ingredients.

My attention started coming back to our natural, traditional shea butter when after a serious case of chicken pox, I was left with severe scarring and holes in my face. I was frantic and had no idea of when and if my face would ever be the same. I was willing to go and buy a bunch of products to salvage my skin. My father however sent for shea butter from the market and told me not to use anything else apart from the shea butter. This I did and to my surprise my skin healed so beautifully. My skin looked better and healthier than it had looked in a long time. I was sold!

When I had my baby, I decided that he would use clean and natural ingredients for his skin. I Therefore studied locally and traditionally and began formulating with the best quality ingredients, processes and methods. I also enrolled in a U. K. based organic cosmetic institution to take my products and skills to the next level.

Ultimately, I am proud of what this brand is becoming and I will work to ensure that no corners are cut in providing fresh, quality, effective, sustainable, socially conscious and opulent skin care and cosmetic products for Africa and the world to benefit from and enjoy.

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